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Amarok patch for Rio Karma support

Amarok is an advanced media player for the Linux/KDE platform. Currently Amarok supports a range of portable media devices: Apple's iPod, devices based on iRiver's iFP protocol, devices based on the Creative NJB protocol, as well as usb mass-storage devices.

From version 1.4.4, Amarok includes Rio Karma support. Your distro may package it. If not, you'll need to build from source. Grab the latest source from and follow the build instructions.

Once you've got Amarok built, run it, plug the karma in, mount the second partition (e.g. sda2) somewhere on your system (e.g. /mnt/karma). Then add a new media device in Amarok by going to Settings -> Configure Amarok -> Media Devices -> Add Device. Select "Rio Karma Media Device" as the plugin and enter a name (e.g. "Karma) and the mountpoint for your device (e.g. "/mnt/karma").

And here's some pretty things: