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Linux-Karma USB Driver & OMFS Module

Getting the Linux Karma USB driver

As of Linux kernel version 2.6.16, the USB driver is included with the vanilla kernels from Be sure to build kernels with CONFIG_USB_STORAGE and CONFIG_KARMA_PARTITION to access the device.

The OMFS driver implements the Karma's filesystem. You'll need this to actually access any files on the Karma when it's connected via USB. The latest release is available from the project's download page.

Using the OMFS driver

Once you've downloaded the latest version (see above), follow these steps to install and use the Karma filesystem.

  1. Build and install the omfs module:
    $ tar xzvf omfs*tar.gz
    $ cd omfs*
    # make modules modules_install
    # depmod -a
  2. Load usb-storage and plug in the Karma:
    # modprobe usb-storage
    # dmesg      (watch for something about scsi /dev/sda...)
  3. Mount the device
    # mount -t omfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/karma1